Bridal Market is unique selling platform in the Baltic States for new and used wedding dresses with a discount of up to 80% in a price range from 150 to 950 euro

3 main arguments why you should sell your wedding dress on Bridal Market: 

- We will takeover all aspects of selling cycle of your dress, including promotion on social media management.
- Each bride will have a possibility to try your wedding dress with the help and advice of a professional wedding stylist in our showroom in the center of Riga.
- We will take responsibility and guaranty careful attitude to your dress.

Do you ready to use Bridal Market? 

What you have to do is to fill an online application on our website. Within 24 hours you will receive the price that we may suggest for sale

* You can fill out an application in any language 
* By providing photos to us, you confirm that BRIDAL MARKET platform may use your photos in the social network and home page for selling and advertising.



How do I list my dress?

Listing your wedding dress for sale is quick and easy. You will have to fill in an application and provide all necessary measurements of your dress. We will review your request within 48 hours.

If you have any issues with listing your dress, please send us an email.

How selling price will be determined?

The selling price of your dress is calculated by taking into consideration several factors. Please send us the filled application to email and within 24 hours we will provide the price that we may suggest for sale.

Who sets the price of my dress?

After the review of your application, we will provide an open calculation of the selling price for your dress back to your email.

* We reserve the right to change an agreed price in case you wedding dress will vary significantly from initial application.

How will buyers contact me?

You do not have to communicate with the buyer, as we will fully take over a whole selling cycle, including:

- Publication of your wedding dress portfolio on the marketplace;

- Commercial promotion of a dress on social media;

- Managing requests and communication with the potential buyers;

- Storage of your wedding dress;

- Meeting with clients in showroom in the center of Riga, fitting of a dress;

- Administration of final sale.

How long does it take to sell a wedding dress?

Some wedding dresses may be sold in under 24 hours. Some may take 6 months or more.

What does it cost to list a wedding dress?

You do not have to pay for arrangement on the website We will get a percent of a selling price. In general commission is 100-150 euro.

What photos should I use for my listing?

Professional photos from your wedding day are a great way to demonstrate the beauty of your dress. Buying a wedding dress is an emotional step, and picture of you looking stunning is a great way to catch a buyers attention. At a minimum it's best to include a full length shot to show off the silhouette, close ups for details and flaws, and a clear photo of any distinguishing features and embellishments. To Include clear, high resolution photos is very important, also you must be the copyright holder of the image. For more information on optimizing your listing, click here.

Do I have to clean my dress before listing?

Dry cleaning will help to present the dress and make it look as beautiful as it was at the very first time. We strongly suggest dry cleaning before listing on If you are not able to find an appropriate dry cleaning, please let us know and we will help to manage it.

How long should I wait to get the funds to my bank account after my dress is sold?

In case your dress is sold directly in our showroom we will transfer the funds within 3 working days. In case of online purchase, funds will be transferred after 14 days.


* We obey the law of the Republic of Latvia stating that each customer may return goods within 14 days after purchase. This rule applies only to the purchase made remotely. In this case, we can transfer the funds to you only after 14 days of the purchase when we will be sure that the dress will not be returned.